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Sharon Osbourne Returns to ‘The Talk’ with Huge Overshare

Sharon Osbourne on "The Talk" (CBS)

Sharon Osbourne made her return to “The Talk” today, and it seems she’s missed having a forum in which to air her personal business.

The talk show host, who proved to the world that there’s very little she wasn’t willing to share during her stint on MTV’s “The Osbournes,” took her love of intimate admissions to a new level. After her fellow hosts asked her about her recent time off from the show, Osbourne replied, “I went and had my implants taken out.”

The 58-year-old Osbourne told the audience that one of her breast implants had been leaking, which prompted the removal, but disclosed, “I’ve been talking about it for ages, saying I was going to have them taken out, and use them for paperweights.”

That was just the beginning of Osbourne’s overshare, which continued with her admission, “I had a little bit of lady stuff done downstairs,” likely referring to a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. The mom of three has been vocal about her cosmetic procedures in the past, admitting to gastric band surgery, tummy tucks, and body contouring, and hasn’t been shy when it comes to her life in the bedroom, either.

Osbourne has said in the past that, despite being married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne for the better part of three decades, the pair still try to keep things spicy in the boudoir with “lots of sex toys.”

It seems that Osbourne’s downstairs overhaul has given her a new sense of self-confidence, which has extended into her hosting duties. When guest John Lithgow showed up later in the show, Osbourne’s first question for him was, “A gun to your head – you had to bang one of us, which one would it be?”

Lithgow proved to be a good sport, pointing at Osbourne, who showed fans that while her body may be changed, but sense of humor’s still intact, saying, “He thinks he’s going with a 20-year-old — until I take off the hood!”

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