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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tears Into Bill Maher on ‘The View’

Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View (ABC)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck had no qualms about making her opinion known and on Tuesday’s episode of “The View” when she found herself face-to-face with a perfect target.

Controversial comedian Bill Maher took a seat on the show’s couch next to Hasselbeck, who quickly took the offensive.

Maher butted heads with Hasselbeck earlier this year when he made the following comment on his popular HBO series “Real Time with Bill Maher“:

“New rule: now that Hosni Mubarak has released Lara Logan, he must put her intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck.”

While many bristled at the comedian’s insensitive brand of humor, Hasselbeck became incensed, lashing back by saying of the host, “He’s not a real man.”

On today’s episode of “The View,” it quickly became clear that Hasselbeck was far from done, questioning Maher about his comments, and posing her question with feigned contrition with the preface, “Forgive this idiotic Republican for bringing this to your brilliant mind.”

Maher replied with, “It was not aimed at you personally, but when you are a public figure, you’re out there and you’re fodder for comedians to make comments on… I do draw the line, but I live on the line.”

Hasselbeck, still visible agitated, asked Maher if he would repeat his comments again. In traditional Maher style, he pushed right back, responding, “If I knew I was coming here and would spend my whole segment talking about it, no. It wouldn’t be worth it.”

Luckily for Maher, Hasselbeck was nowhere near ready to let it go, continuing to snap at her guest, and undoubtedly providing him enough material for another year’s worth of shows.

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