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49 Essential New York Books

Much like beautiful women’s lengthy history of giving artists impetus to put brush to canvas, so too has New York, in all her gritty glory, provided inspiration for authors to put pen to paper. Whether it’s bloodstained prose about the life of the city’s most notorious criminals or a simple story of a girl getting terribly bored … Continue reading

76 Greatest Fictional New Yorkers

76. Lily Bart (“The House of Mirth”) 75. Bartleby (“Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street”) 74. Peter Fallow (“Bonfire of the Vanities”) 73. Derek Zoolander (“Zoolander”) 72. Peggy Olson (“Mad Men”) 71. Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels (“Tootsie”) 70. Arthur Bach (“Arthur”) 69. Korben Dallas (“The Fifth Element”) 68. Max Bialystock (“The Producers”) 67. The Girl (“The Seven Year Itch”) 66. Rachel Green (“Friends”) 65. Isaac Davis (“Manhattan”) 64. Mookie (“Do the Right Thing”) 63. Neo (“The Matrix”) 62. Stuart Little 61. Vincent Chase (“Entourage”) 60. Mary (“Party … Continue reading