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Are You Having the Right Amount of Sex? (Probably!)

Are You Having the Right Amount of Sex? (Probably!)

(Originally published by GQ) The New York Times recently investigated two of its favorite subjects: boning and millennials. What they found might shock you! While general human curiosity may be piqued by the subject of coitus, if we have to point a finger in the direction of the real perverts in the room, they are, … Continue reading


  • @BinaryDigit @Combos Real talk, though: why are they pretending “pizzeria” is a flavor? That’s just a building, my guy. 2 days ago
  • @zmack @kbernot Nice try, I know that's just a regular beanstalk and a normal-ass goose, smart guy 1 week ago
  • @zmack A sponge you should throw away and plastic shoes worn in hot weather. 2 weeks ago
  • Spending the rest of my night in a seance to resurrect Garry Marshall’s ghost so we can get a movie called “Coup Year’s Eve.” 2 months ago
  • Actually, it's only looting if it comes from the Loot region of France. Otherwise, it's just sparkling larceny. https://t.co/xv3qxDTGGh 2 months ago