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Why You Should Always Split the Bill

(Originally published by GQ) An argument for always going Dutch “You ain’t gotta be rich, but fuck that, how we gonna get around on your bus pass?” asks Amil on “Can I Get A,” a classic Jay Z collaboration about personal finance. While I don’t know that bus passes are something that most people concern … Continue reading

Do I Have to Tip My [BLANK]?

(Originally published by GQ)   If you’ve ever ventured outside of the United States, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a seismic cultural shift the second you touch down. The nuns and infants have left their handguns at home, and on receipts, the tip line magically disappears. To the rest of the world, American tipping culture … Continue reading

Wedding Countdown: What Should I Do With a Windfall?

Once in a while, my life plays out like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Sometimes I’ll wake up at a carnival. Sometimes I’ll very quietly hide under my house until the vampire is gone. And once in a great while, I’ll get a knock at my door and find that I have a big … Continue reading

Toilet Paper Substitute, Shaving With Olive Oil, And More Tips For The Super Broke

Once every few years, I will find myself broke in a very real way. While I’ve never had to worry about getting kicked out of my apartment or actually starving (thanks, meaty German body!), I have often had to make substitutions for the comforts I have come to love. The first time this happened was … Continue reading

More Than Models Make NY Fashion Week

                In New York City, there is only one religious holiday. It lasts for an entire week, the food is nonexistent, and the only rule is that you dress for the occasion. During the seven days of Fashion Week each year, New York is thrown into a near … Continue reading