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‘Pawn Stars’ Guys Provide Job Opportunity to Locked-Out NBA Stars

If you’re close to 7 feet tall and have serious athletic prowess, 2011 probably just hasn’t been your year. The NBA lockout has sidelined the careers of close to 400 professional basketball players, but it seems as though things may be looking up for America’s sports stars.

TMZ reports that the cast of History Channel hit “Pawn Stars” are looking for a few good men to work in their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, and are more than happy to take some of the big guys under their wing.

Rick Harrison, the brains behind the operation, says that while he and his crew would welcome some NBA stars on their team, they shouldn’t look forward to any special treatment, and will have to work behind the counter just like the store’s other employees.

While Harrison doesn’t have a preference as to which hoopster he hires, his co-worker, Austin “Chumlee” Russellhas made his vote for Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) known. Failing that, “If there aren’t any players who take us up on the offer, I’m hoping some cheerleaders come down for the job!” says Russell.

As for the salary, Harrison hasn’t worked out the specifics, but it’s not a stretch to say that the paychecks may have the hoops heroes balling on a significantly smaller scale than they’re used to.

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