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‘View’ Ladies Turn Weighty Issues Into Joke

The View (ABC)

The women of “The View” have never been great at hiding their true feelings and today’s episode proved just how opinionated – and judgmental – they can be. In the latest installment of their “Red, White and View” political series, the ladies were discussing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s potential to win the Republican presidential nomination when his qualifications were called into question. The women expressed interest in his numbers, but not just the ones that might eventually earn him a seat in the White House. More specifically, they started a lively discussion on Christie’s weight.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who has vocally supported Republican candidates in the past began to talk about Christie’s positive attributes, telling her co-hosts,  “Chris Christie offers something that say Rick Perry and Bachman don’t…” when Joy Behar interjected, “Krispy Kremes!” Hasselbeck, whose provocative views have landed her in hot water with her fellow hosts in the past, was quick to defend Christie, and point out the inherent sexism in Behar’s critique of his figure. “Imagine [we heard] this conversation about an overweight female candidate,” posed Hasselbeck. “We’d be beside ourselves.” Despite Hasselbeck’s argument, Behar maintained that Christie’s robust frame made him a less than desirable candidate, stating plainly, “I don’t think the country’s ready for a fat president again.” Co-host Sherri Shepherd agreed with Behar’s criticism of Christie, stating that her concern was for his health, noting that she was similarly concerned with President Obama’s cigarette smoking. Behar brushed off the serious tone the conversation had suddenly taken, saying that perhaps Christie would be the right man for the job. “It might be fun to have a fat president,” she said. “No more vetoes, only Cheetos!”

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