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Jenner Talks Kim, Kris and OJ Simpson on ‘The View’

Most of Kim Kardashian’s life is an open book –- from perfumes to shoes to her reality show, the celebutante allows millions of Americans to explore the many facets of her personal life each week.

Many people speculated that her whirlwind courtship with NBA player Kris Humphries was little more than a publicity stunt, but by the time her multi-million dollar August wedding came around, she had many people convinced their love was the real deal. However, since the news of Kim’s divorce became public, everyone has been wondering what prompted the split after only 72 days of marriage, and whether the whole thing was a hoax.

Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, went into damage control mode and hit up the morning shows to defend her daughter, claiming on “Today” the short marriage is “not a sham,” and that Kim was “sick” about the idea that she had let down her fans.

Jenner continued her defense of her daughter’s union Wednesday on “The View,” where she attempted to set the record straight, in addition to promoting her new book, Kris Jenner… and All Things Kardashian.

When host Barbara Walters asked if Jenner had ever spoken to Kim about the possibility of her marriage ending, Jenner replied, “Not before she got married, certainly. She felt like she married for love. She felt like she was totally in love with Kris. But [she] did discuss [it] with me, several days before [she] made this announcement, with a lot of prayer, and a lot of meditation and consideration, and a lot of thinking about what a difficult decision she would have to make.”

As to where it all went wrong, Jenner said, “I’m searching for the same answer to the question… All I know is I’m her mom first and she confided in me and said ‘Mom, this is what I need to do…you have to trust me.’ ”

While Jenner admitted to not knowing whether or not Kim would end up giving her ring back, she was clear on one point about the money: “Did they net or gross any amount of money? Absolutely not… the price of her ring isn’t truthful! It’s crazy, the numbers these people come up with.”

The shows hosts also brought up Jenner’s painful past, particularly her relationship with the late Nicole Brown Simpson. Of her last interaction with her murdered friend, Jenner tearfully recounted, “She reached out to me the night before. We were supposed to actually have lunch so she could have a big, long talk with me the day she was murdered. So that will be something I will always live with and regret.”

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