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Sharon Osbourne Slams ‘Trainwreck’ Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is trying hard to breathe life back into what many consider a dead career, but her way of going about it is raising some eyebrows among her peers in the entertainment community.

The troubled actress recently posed for Playboy, a decision that’s not winning her any fans with the ladies of “The Talk.” When host Julie Chen broached the subject of Lohan’s Playboy pictorial as a possible first step toward getting her career back on track, co-host Sharon Osbourne was quick to pronounce the actress’ acting days over.

“She could have a 3-D picture of her legs wide open with a flat-screen TV right there playing ‘Herbie Rides Again’ and it still would not do anything to revive her career,” said Osbourne. “Her career has flatlined.”

Lindsay’s Playboy Pics to Debut Next Week on ‘Ellen’

Co-hosts Sara Gilbert and Aisha Tyler came to the star’s defense, noting that Lohan’s on-screen talents have been well-documented in films like “Mean Girls.” Despite their protestations, Osbourne stuck to her guns, saying that Lohan’s personal life has outshone her professional life for too long.

“Whatever part she played, I would always think of her cleaning at the morgue,” said Osbourne.

When Gilbert, adamant about Lohan’s potential, insisted that the actress’ ability to command media attention was a good indication of future success, Osbourne quipped, “People love trainwrecks. They make us feel better about ourselves… She’s delusional.”

Osbourne’s harsh words proved persuasive enough to change the opinions of Lohan’s supporters in the end. Even Tyler, who had originally stood up for the star, admitted, “I don’t feel like anybody ever hits Playboy on the way up. I feel like it’s always a hit on the way down.

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