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Season’s Eatings — The Weirdest Stuff You’ll Eat This Year

The holidays are here! For most of us, that means friends, family, and holding back tears after we realize the only way we’re getting into our jeans involves Crisco and those belt extenders they sell in SkyMall. So what coma-inducing culinary delights are we trying to dry-clean out of our holiday sweaters this year? We … Continue reading

Can This Software Help Real-Life Roommates Get Along?

My roommate Sarah and I have known each other for the past four years, but it was only this past winter that we decided to move in together. So as not to confuse you, we are both named Sarah. When we signed our lease about eight months ago, we ran our apartment more or less … Continue reading

Degrassi Welcomes a Transgender Character to Class

“Degrassi: The Next Generation” has long been on the cutting edge of teen dramas, exploring topics that are as much the stuff of teen reality as parental nightmare. From teen pregnancy to school shootings, the show has provided a candid, if sometimes uncomfortable, look at the issues affecting one very troubled group of young Canadians. However, despite … Continue reading

8 Scary Sex Tips From Fox News

Since the dawn of people gettin’ freaky, there have been other individuals proclaiming themselves — whether justly or not — “sexperts.” While some of these doyens of doing it are worth their salt (Ian Kerner is one of our favorites), there are others who will tell you, without a trace of irony, to eat pastry off … Continue reading