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Something Wiccan This Way Comes

Witches, warlocks, candles and spells are the stuff of Halloween and nights at summer camp for most of us, but for a select group of New Yorkers, it’s more than fun and games—it’s a lifestyle. They’ve been hunted, burned at the stake, and lampooned by others, and yet, each year, the pagan population around the … Continue reading

49 Essential New York Books

Much like beautiful women’s lengthy history of giving artists impetus to put brush to canvas, so too has New York, in all her gritty glory, provided inspiration for authors to put pen to paper. Whether it’s bloodstained prose about the life of the city’s most notorious criminals or a simple story of a girl getting terribly bored … Continue reading

A Gourmand’s Guide to the New York City Wine & Food Festival

New York is one of the premier travel destinations for gourmands around the world, and with good reason—with nearly 25,000 restaurants serving meals around the clock, there’s something to please even the pickiest palate. And for those of us who like doing a little good while we chow down, there’s only one event that fits … Continue reading

76 Greatest Fictional New Yorkers

76. Lily Bart (“The House of Mirth”) 75. Bartleby (“Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street”) 74. Peter Fallow (“Bonfire of the Vanities”) 73. Derek Zoolander (“Zoolander”) 72. Peggy Olson (“Mad Men”) 71. Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels (“Tootsie”) 70. Arthur Bach (“Arthur”) 69. Korben Dallas (“The Fifth Element”) 68. Max Bialystock (“The Producers”) 67. The Girl (“The Seven Year Itch”) 66. Rachel Green (“Friends”) 65. Isaac Davis (“Manhattan”) 64. Mookie (“Do the Right Thing”) 63. Neo (“The Matrix”) 62. Stuart Little 61. Vincent Chase (“Entourage”) 60. Mary (“Party … Continue reading

Decoding Your Drink

Not since Starbucks did an overhaul on the world’s coffee lexicon has ordering a drink been such an ordeal. While those in favor of something stronger than espresso may have traded in pseudo-Italian sizing for words like muddled, fizzed, and extra dirty, the terminology behind the world’s better drinks can be downright dumbfounding. We’re here … Continue reading

More Than Models Make NY Fashion Week

                In New York City, there is only one religious holiday. It lasts for an entire week, the food is nonexistent, and the only rule is that you dress for the occasion. During the seven days of Fashion Week each year, New York is thrown into a near … Continue reading

An Unofficial Guide to Fashion’s Night Out

There’s so much to love about fall—the crisp air, no longer having to excuse your desire to browse the windows at Wolford, and most importantly, the droves of fashion-forward creatures who come out of hiding for the one night that truly epitomizes New York style: Fashion’s Night Out. The event, sponsored by Vogueand the CFDA, began in … Continue reading

Picking the Perfect Facial

There’s no doubt visits with an aesthetician are an essential step on the road to flawless skin, but while most spa treatments can bust a breakout, not all facials are created equal. In the pursuit of poreless skin, choosing the right kind of facial for your skin type can mean leaving the salon with skin … Continue reading

How to Choose a Massage

Aside from a day away from the office and a glass of good Champagne, there are few things that can melt away stress like a massage. However, for some, there is little in this world more anxiety-inducing than the thought of having a total stranger explore your towel-clad body with their hands. So how do … Continue reading

Choosing the Perfect Personal Trainer

              For athletically-inclined New Yorkers, the pursuit of the perfect body has its genesis in the gym. However, the thought of going it alone in the land of Pilates and push-ups can be a daunting one. Finding a comfortable space is crucial to the execution of your fitness goals, … Continue reading