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Picking the Perfect Facial

There’s no doubt visits with an aesthetician are an essential step on the road to flawless skin, but while most spa treatments can bust a breakout, not all facials are created equal. In the pursuit of poreless skin, choosing the right kind of facial for your skin type can mean leaving the salon with skin that looks good enough to eat instead of skin that looks like it’s already been chewed up.

Timing is everything Facials, much like manicures, are often something friends decide to get together without much thought beforehand. While this is fine for the most part, if you’re hoping to look fresh-faced for an event, make sure you’re not making any trips to the facialist within three days of when you need to look your best. Any kind of skin treatment, from steam facials to chemical peels, can leave your skin looking red, blotchy, and even make breakouts worse for the first few days after your trip to the salon. Giving yourself a three day window between your facial and your time to shine will give your skin time to heal before you risk clogging your freshly unplugged pores with big-night-out makeup.

It’s all about the style Facials with extractions can give you great results, but if you have sensitive skin or are prone to hyperpigmentation, you may want to forgo any skin routine that uses tools. Facials that include pore steaming and alpha hydroxy acid can yield similar results to extraction facials, but don’t pose the risk of leaving you with broken capillaries or scarring.

Explore your options Facials aren’t just about pimples and prevention any more. There are different types of facials to treat every skin need, from the redness caused by rosacea to signs of early aging. While virtually any facial treatment will improve skin’s clarity and condition, pick a facial that addresses your main skin concerns and consider bump-free skin an added bonus.

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