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Choosing the Perfect Personal Trainer








For athletically-inclined New Yorkers, the pursuit of the perfect body has its genesis in the gym.

However, the thought of going it alone in the land of Pilates and push-ups can be a daunting one. Finding a comfortable space is crucial to the execution of your fitness goals, so if schvitzing with strangers scares you stiff, it may be time to seek out a more personalized experience. Whether it’s at the gym or even in your own home (it’s New York, we can do that), a personal trainer can help you get your body in tip-top shape while helping drown out the guttural grunts of your fellow gym-goers.

Define your success A trainer can only help you get what you want out of your sessions together if you are both clear on your goals. Even if your desire is just to increase your level of fitness in a general sense, make sure you know what you’re asking for before you go in to your first meeting with a trainer, and don’t worry, you can always change your mind.

Take it one step at a time If you’re not drinking protein shakes and taking supplements to get yourself into bodybuilder shape, don’t expect that you’ll get those results from training sessions alone. All exercise burns calories, especially cardio, so unless you’re upping your caloric intake and pumping iron in a significant way, you’re likely to get smaller and firmer, not big and bulky.

Know your limits If you’re not a morning person, what are the odds a virtual stranger will get you interested in putting your leg behind your head before your first cup of coffee? Make sure you pick the right time and place to work out so you’re always ready when your trainer is, even if that means 9 p.m. in your living room.

Pick a winner While someone who’s trained Olympians can certainly get you looking svelte for a special occasion, you may prefer someone whose expertise is in area of your interest. Whether you just need someone to motivate you on the treadmill or a full-fledged weights wizard, check out your trainer’s past experience before you commit.

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