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Do I Have to Tip My [BLANK]?

(Originally published by GQ)   If you’ve ever ventured outside of the United States, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a seismic cultural shift the second you touch down. The nuns and infants have left their handguns at home, and on receipts, the tip line magically disappears. To the rest of the world, American tipping culture … Continue reading

An Unofficial Guide to Fashion’s Night Out

There’s so much to love about fall—the crisp air, no longer having to excuse your desire to browse the windows at Wolford, and most importantly, the droves of fashion-forward creatures who come out of hiding for the one night that truly epitomizes New York style: Fashion’s Night Out. The event, sponsored by Vogueand the CFDA, began in … Continue reading

Stress-Free Waxing

For those of us who regularly dare to go bare, waxing may be no big thing, but for shaving converts and newbies, it can be a hair-raising experience. However, a painless and embarrassment-free experience can be yours if you stick to a few simple guidelines. Take a chill pill While there are those of us who … Continue reading

Where to Get Your Street Style Snapped

Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different,” but she forgot to mention that if nobody’s capturing your irreplaceability on film, you might as well have stayed in. New York is all about being noticed, and every day a small army of sartorially savvy men and women march the … Continue reading

Spooky, Sexy, or Snooki: A Guide to Reality Star Halloween Costumes

Ah, Halloween. The air is crisp, the candy’s plentiful, and for one day of the year, kitten ears are considered an appropriate work accessory. Distinguishing yourself from the herds of witches, zombies, and sexy animals can prove difficult if you’re not careful, but never fear. From teen moms to table flippers, reality TV has provided … Continue reading

The GofG Guide to Accessories

In the competitive world of professional hotness/light socialite work, presentation is everything. The right clothes, makeup, and accessories are often the determining factor in whether your picture ends up in the Style sectionor on Look At This F*cking Hipster. We here at GofG feel your pain. So, when choosing your piece de resistance seems like an insurmountable task, … Continue reading