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Spooky, Sexy, or Snooki: A Guide to Reality Star Halloween Costumes

Ah, Halloween. The air is crisp, the candy’s plentiful, and for one day of the year, kitten ears are considered an appropriate work accessory. Distinguishing yourself from the herds of witches, zombies, and sexy animals can prove difficult if you’re not careful, but never fear. From teen moms to table flippers, reality TV has provided the world a plethora of easy and distinctive costumes that will keep you a head (or Snooki poof) above the rest.

Reality Role Model: Heidi Montag

Essential Accessories: Blond wig, water balloons, lots of tape

Difficulty Factor: 7.
Over-the-top is the name of the game for this costume, but don’t be fooled into thinking this work of art/science is an easy look to pull off. Need we remind you that this woman had a procedure called a “back scoop”?

Reality Role Model: Snooki

Essential Accessories: Bump-It (duh), sunless tanner, pickles

Difficulty Factor: 2.

The feisty fist-bumper may seem like a challenging role to take on, but once you’ve mastered cartwheeling with a pickle in your mouth, you’re 95% there. 

Reality Role Model: Dog the Bounty Hunter

Essential Accessories: Leather vest, bouffant-mullet wig (can be adapted from Heidi Montag costume, in a pinch), buxom blond friend

Difficulty Factor: 5.

Most of Dog’s accessories are easy enough to come by, but achieving his, er, “sun-kissed” skin tone may be difficult, considering how hard it is to find a human-sized rotisserie this late in the game.

Reality Role Model: ’16 and Pregnant’

Essential Accessories: Baby bump, book bag, slogan t-shirt (“Baby on Board” is a classic, although the slightly distasteful “MILF” will do)

Difficulty Factor: 3.

Although looking 16 may not be an option for most people, a baby bump can be easily faked with a day’s worth of candy consumption. Have a disinterested boyfriend? Give yourself an extra 10 points.

Group Costume Challenge: ‘Real Housewives’ Cast

Essential Accessories:
 Pinot grigio, white zinfandel, or any non tooth-staining wine, wig (Atlanta cast), weave (New Jersey cast), acrylic nails, cash fan

Difficulty Factor: 1.

As long as you’ve got 4 or 5 friends who are willing to do this with you and a closet full of shiny clothing, you’re more or less set. If you can somehow stage a fight that involves 13 members of your immediate family and a bottle-size wine goblet, you probably already have a contract with Bravo.

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