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Stress-Free Waxing

For those of us who regularly dare to go bare, waxing may be no big thing, but for shaving converts and newbies, it can be a hair-raising experience. However, a painless and embarrassment-free experience can be yours if you stick to a few simple guidelines.

Take a chill pill While there are those of us who will claim otherwise, getting hair yanked out of your skin hurts, to the point that it may elicit primal screams from even the most composed clients.  To mitigate any unpleasantness, take an OTC painkiller, like aspirin or acetaminophen, one hour before you head to the salon. While downing some drinks may seem like a more fun way to kill the pain, alcohol increases blood flow to the skin, increasing sensitivity in the area you’re waxing. To keep your skin comfortable after your appointment, make sure to moisturize, beginning the day after waxing. Ramon Padilla, Director of Manhattan’s Strip: Ministry of Waxing, recommends that in addition, clients exfoliate skin with a gentle scrub every four to seven days, starting three days post-wax.

Keep it loose While nothing goes with a bandage dress like smooth skin, eschewing form-fitting attire directly before and after waxing will ensure your skin stays supple. Because waxing essentially opens up all the pores in a given area, it leaves skin particularly prone to irritation and ingrown hairs. Wearing loose clothing to and from your appointment and avoiding exercise for 24 hours post-wax will leave you looking your loveliest. Don’t worry, your hot yoga instructor will understand.

Don’t worry, they’ve seen it before Even if you’re one of the rare creatures who feels the need to gussy up for every trip to the doctor (or bodega), pre-wax primping may actually make it harder, if not impossible, for your waxer to do her job properly. While it may seem tempting to trim before visiting the salon, if your hair is too short, it becomes more difficult for the wax to properly adhere. Make sure your hair is at least the length of an eyelash to ensure the best result.

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