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Before Your Faux Glow

There are many things in life a woman can get in trouble for faking—orgasms and immigration papers come to mind—but when it comes to getting sun-kissed skin, faux is the way to go.

While tanning beds have been favored by the bronzed babes of eras past, unless you’re looking for a side of melanoma with that crispy skin, you’ll want to set your sights on a tan in a can. Luckily for modern guys and gals, bottle bronzes have evolved into a product that’s easy to apply, either at home or in a salon, and won’t leave you with the dreaded Cheeto glow. However, like mastering any art, achieving a perfect spray tan takes preparation and practice, and a willingness to embrace your newfound status as a golden god or goddess.

For the most natural looking fake-bake, follow our tips.

Scrub, shower, and shave Ridding your body of any excess grime is the first step to your successful future as a tan person. The smoother you can get your skin pre-application, the better. The coloring agents in sunless tanner will cling to any spots harboring excess hair or dry skin, so concentrate your efforts on areas like the knees, ankles, and elbows.

Go natural Putting on makeup may come as naturally to you as brushing your teeth, but when it’s time to get your tan on, going in with a fresh face is best. The bronzing agent in the tanner won’t stick to skin as effectively if any barriers, like foundation, are on the skin, so make sure to remove any makeup before your appointment.

Loosen up While it may be tempting to show off your newly bronzed body in a tight-fitting ensemble, loose clothing is always preferable post-tan. Anything that hugs your body too tightly can rub off the tanning agent and leave you with unnatural-looking streaks and spots.

Don’t sweat it Unless your preferred look is a stripy one, avoid anything that might make you sweat for at least five hours after your tan is applied, and steer clear of the shower until the next morning.

About Sarah Crow

Writer, natural redhead, semi-professional napper.


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