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Picking the Perfect Facial

There’s no doubt visits with an aesthetician are an essential step on the road to flawless skin, but while most spa treatments can bust a breakout, not all facials are created equal. In the pursuit of poreless skin, choosing the right kind of facial for your skin type can mean leaving the salon with skin … Continue reading

Before Your Faux Glow

There are many things in life a woman can get in trouble for faking—orgasms and immigration papers come to mind—but when it comes to getting sun-kissed skin, faux is the way to go. While tanning beds have been favored by the bronzed babes of eras past, unless you’re looking for a side of melanoma with … Continue reading

Stress-Free Waxing

For those of us who regularly dare to go bare, waxing may be no big thing, but for shaving converts and newbies, it can be a hair-raising experience. However, a painless and embarrassment-free experience can be yours if you stick to a few simple guidelines. Take a chill pill While there are those of us who … Continue reading

How to Make Your Manicure Last

There are few things that make a woman feel more stylish, confident, and on-trend than a fresh coat of paint on her nails. Unfortunately, for many of us, along with our luxurious weekly manicure come concerns about how to keep our fancy fingernails from becoming yet another thing we’re ready to wash our hands of. … Continue reading

How to Maintain Perfect Eyebrows

Some girls like them bushy. Some girls like them barely there. We’re talking, of course, about eyebrows, and the many ways we shape and style the one part of our face we actually like having a bit of hair on. While they serve a very real evolutionary purpose—keeping all kinds of grit and grime from … Continue reading