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The Case For Separate Blankets

(Originally published on GQ.com) In the long list of stupid things I have said, done, and thought, perhaps none have been so fundamentally misguided as trying to maintain a romantic relationship with someone I have had to share covers with. While sharing a bed with someone you love/enjoy splitting bills with is an act that … Continue reading

How to Be a Good Boyfriend

  (Originally published on GQ.com) For an activity predicated on the desire to be in and around the softer parts of other people, dating is, ironically, super hard. While women have the luxury of simply showing up looking like a land mermaid with a mink slipper vagina, a man’s role in the online-stranger sex fiasco … Continue reading

Watching TV Together Is Love

(Originally published on GQ.com) We should all be lucky to have someone we can watch the same shows with. Since most people are just pretending to care about baseball to impress some dad somewhere, I’m going to go ahead and say it: TV-watching is our real national pastime. (Come at me, drunk Yankees fans.) Night … Continue reading

How to Hug a Woman

Sure, it might sound easy on paper. But there are subtleties a man must consider when bringing it in for the real thing. As black sheep children with liberal arts degrees and non-profit jobs continue to decimate the lineage of America’s blue blood families, the air kiss is going the way of the dinosaur. In … Continue reading

What to Do When Your Pet is a Cockblock

 ILLUSTRATION BY GQ/GETTY Cat/dog/lizard won’t leave you alone when you’re trying to get laid? You aren’t alone. If you’ve ever decided to spend a night in, clearing out your DVR and tossing tortilla chips down your gullet like so many salmon to a bear, only to find yourself crippled by an existential wave of loneliness, … Continue reading

Celebrity Fragrances We’d Like to See

Taylor Swift is the latest in a long line of celebrities to create a signature scent and we’re extremely curious to know about the singer’s choice of smells. Swift, who looks very much like a baby powder and peonies kind of girl, amused audience when, during a recent interview, David Letterman told the star, “Please don’t take this the wrong … Continue reading